Are you struggling
with coding?

Are you a Bio-Science Student
who got into Engineering
and is now struggling
with programming?


Are you a Software Engineer,
who hardly knows what he does every day
and spent hours writing code and bug fixing?


Are you a Computer Science Teacher,
who has no clarity about the subjects you teach
and feels guilty for being unable to teach the kids properly?


Are you someone who is fascinated by the technologies
such as Artificial Intelligence, Datascience, Blockchain,
Mobile apps etc and wants to get into the field of technology
but don't know where to start?

If you are among the one
I have mentioned above,

I have good news for You…

Today I’m going to solve all your
coding related problems…

Since I had been an average Engineering student
who struggled to code,
I can understand your situation.

And it took years for me
to finally figure out “the programming”
and to build a
seven figure high income career.

And over the past few years,

I have been using the
exact techniques
which I have learnt,
to teach hundreds of students
just like You,

to enter into the field of technology
and build a high income career…

even without a college degree!

Okay. Now let's come to the point…

From today onwards
Im going to take an initiative
to teach you programming
in the simplest possible manner on the earth

and to challenge you
to complete this programming tutorial
and share it
with your friends and colleagues…

who are facing
the same exact problems
as that of yours…

Sounds good? Yeah!

But there is more….

To spice up this challenge,

I'm going to bet you
some money
, out of my pocket

and whoever performs better in this challenge
will be awarded with cash prizes and several other gifts !!

who ever learn programming first and share it to the maximum people can take this money & gifts home!

Are you ready? Yeah!!

Sounds silly?


I promise you
it won’t be as easy
as it sounds!

because it is
not for everyone

who is on the internet
with their laptops or phones

it takes a little
hard work
and dedication
to complete this challenge and
win the prize money…

But the good part is…

you got nothing to loose!!

everything is absolutely FREE

so if you dare
to take up this challenge,
these are the step by step actions
you need to take to
win this challenge…

  • 1. Sign up for the 100K coding challenge

  • 2. Watch all the 10 tutorials (it’s fun, I promise you)

  • 3. Take the final test and score more than 5 points (don’t worry, it's a simple test)

  • 4. Get your graduation certificate and unique sharing link

  • 5. Share your link to maximum people

  • 6. Keep on sharing and reach to the first place

  • 7. Take home money and other exciting gifts. Period.


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